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The best service, the best price

And small ones too!
From 25 pieces to 25,000 or more.

We put our energy into customer service, speedy design previews, and making the best possible product. Our customers keep coming back, and we are able to operate on extremely low margins.

Lowest Price Guarantee
Our production volume has positioned us as the number one priority with our manufacturing partners in North America and abroad. We produce faster than anyone else. We are not interested in wasting your time.

  • Fast as 5 Days Production Available
  • Fast Overseas Production
  • Rush Service Available
Lowest Price Guarantee


Small orders welcome.
Fast domestic production

Dress it up with some color.
Thousands, or just 50.
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Detailed and beautiful
Let us sculpt your design in metal

3D sculpted realism and depth.
We make what you imagine.
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Best Price - Fast as 5 Days!

Fast, Fast, Fast.
Made in USA
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Custom Pin Pricing starting at $0.85
Above pricing based on
1/2" Made in USA Pins
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Small orders welcome.
Fast domestic production

For extra-special events
Exquisite surface finish.
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Looking for lots of detail and color?
This is an excellent option

Manufactured Overseas
Very detailed designs possible
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Bit more affordable if your design isn't quite as intricate

Manufactured Overseas
More affordable process
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Full photographic reproduction
Full color - great look

Manufactured Overseas
Budget-Full Color Printed
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Easy Ordering Process

Send us an idea of what you would like
We send you professional art
Pay by credit card
We get it manufactured.

We Make You Look Good

Be an individual - express yourself.
Your choice of styles, sizes, colors
The design is unique to you!
Stand out from the crowd.

We Custom Make Every Piece

You choose every part of your design.
Factory makes your order just for you.
100,000 pieces or just 1.
Let's Get Started Now.

Best Price Guarantee on Custom Belt Buckles, Medals and Coins