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Finishes Available

  • Choosing a finish, also known as a plating color, can dramatically affect the final look of your piece
  • Below you will see 3 different examples - Gold, Silver, Copper
  • All of these plating finishes are available with our "Standard" line of buckles, but can also be used with our "Premium Pewter" line of buckles.
  • Generally, with Premium Pewter, most people take the natural pewter finish, which is similar to the silver look - but even whiter in appearance - naturally brilliant.
  • Pewter is excellent at reproducing intricate details such as fine lines, and more complex logos.  In a less detailed design like the one below, either the Standard or Pewter product lines could be used.
  • For an additional charge, we can produce some of your order in any mix of plating colors - this can be quite useful to make distinctive buckles as collector's items, or to recognize different levels of achievement or awards.

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