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Comments From a Handful of Our Customers

3 Bravo Skull Crushers
3 Bravo Skull Crushers 4/42 Field Artillery, 3rd Platoon of Bravo Battery, 1st Brigade Combat Team of 4th Infantry Division

"Here is the photograph that we made here in Farah, Afghanistan. It's a picture of our platoon -  we are ALL wearing our belt buckles made by your company. Thanks again.'

'Everyone was very pleased, I am now in the process of designing another belt buckle, and passed your information to other teams to get them started with their own designs."

PFC  (Farah, Afghanistan)

Thank you Ace Custom. The team loved the new buckles!

Feedback on the medals...where do I start..SPECTACULAR!!!! They were the hottest commodity of the day. Everyone loved them, wanted to know where we got them (I shared of course) and no one left without theirs. I seem them hanging in various hospital offices and cubicles now, some even behind glass! Thank you so very much for helping us make this year over the top. We will chat with you next year!

World Freestyle Round-Up - Skateboard Championships

World Freestyle Round-Up - Skateboard Championships

“Here is a pic of the buckle. Thought I would share it with u. It was a hit, well received. Thanks again”

I know we are a small event. However, the way you work with us, you wouldn’t know it. Gary, you’re notification with plenty of time to spare is more helpful than you know. Ethel, your support of the order is fantastic. You both help me avoid last minute increased shipping fees and the associated stress.

Thank you for your continued work with our event!

The buckles arrived today and they look fabulous. I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for all your help in getting these done.

Received the buckles today! Definitely a work of art and absolutely gorgeous! Everything I thought it would be, no doubt about it! Couldn't let it go without giving Feed-back!

We received the medals on the 28th as promised! We are ECSTATIC with them!!! The quality and execution of the medals look AMAZING!!!! Thank you and your team so very much for bringing to life our concept and delivering beyond expectations!

The coins look great! Thanks for providing such an efficient service and great end product! Our 'Treasure Chests' are going to be a big hit thanks to the addition of these great looking tokens. We'll definitely use your services again if the opportunity arises and will recommend you to our friends etc.

I received the belt buckles last week. Thank you very much for your support for my Troopers I will keep your company in mind for any future orders. And I would recommend your services to every one.

US Troops serving in Iraq

We were so pleased with our order!!!! I want to thank ya'll for being so patient and working diligent on making sure our order was exactly how we wanted it. The medals and ribbon were so awesome and the whole process was very effective. We would like to continue using this company for our trail run event every July! We will be working on our new design soon and reach out to ya'll when we are ready to have our next medal designed! Thanks again so much! #runtheorchard

I wanted to let you know that all 150 belt buckles arrived today in perfect condition. I know that the cyclists will be so pleased with these quality products. Thank you for working with me on this project, and I hope our organization can partner together again with your company soon. Thanks again!


Our Club would like to thank you and the persons responsible for the making of our Gift of Life Pin.  Everyone whom sees the pin and all of us are wearing them, think that are gorgeous and very well done! Please say our thanks to all!

The buckle shipment arrived late yesterday afternoon and I am extremely pleased!!!!!!! The detail is absolutely fantastic and the blue coloring is perfect ... I am very grateful for all your work in producing, in my opinion, an exceptional product for us. Should you ever need a recommendation, feel free to let me know and I will truly look forward to talking with you in the future.


The buckles turned out great. They were a big hit .... The buckles turned out to be everything I thought they would be and more. I understand that your company does other promotional products as well...I will be sure to use you the next time I need something. Great job!!!

South Carolina

I’d like to thank you for the excellent work on your behalf and the excellent product. Everyone I presented this to was very impressed and there definitely will be orders for many more (hundreds I think).


Thank you for your help. I just got the buckles on friday and they look great. I am pleased with the quality and will be contacting you soon to order more I imagine.


Wow the Buckles were amazing! Everybody loves them.


Thanks for everything. I received the buckles yesterday and they look GREAT! The service you provided was outstanding throughout the whole process. I would recommend you guys and will use you again should the need arise.


The medals are awesome....very well received. I am working on something else I will be sending you.

British Columbia, Canada

Thank you so very much for working with me on this particular coin. You have been of great help to me.


We got them ... and [he] really, really liked them. He said he'd recommend your company to anyone any time. Was a pleasure working with you.


I just wanted to let you know. That i am very happy with my order. The belt buckles look great. I've been receiving so many good compliments on them. I am very happy. Save my order info, cause i plan on ordering more of the same very soon.


Sandy, just wanted to let you know that the buckles are perfect. please pass on to the craftsmen that they are truely artists and that i will be back for more soon.

New Jersey

I have to tell you that it has been an absolutely wonderful experience working with you! ...  I have already promised to show your work to several of my friends in marketing and promised to share your contact information. I have already told them how wonderful you are to work with, especially during the decision making process which could have been overwhelming. Your guidance sure made that process easy for us. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for your help over the last few months. We received the buckles and everyone was amazed and totally pleased with the end result. I appreciate all the hard work and thank you again for how fast this processed turned out from start to finish. If you don't mind could you send me your last name and an address where you could receive a package, we have a gift  ... Just a little thank you from the guys and girls over here.

APO Iraq

I gave the buckles out to the guys in the club yesterday. They all loved them. Thought they were fantastic!


Excellent quality ...thanks for the service.


Just received the buckles and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Thanks so much.


One thing we have been exceptionally pleased with so far in working with ACE, is your ability to be so helpful, insightful and most of all, patient with us. This is our first time designing our signature line. We are only interested in something very unique, and very high-end. The discussions both on the phone and via e-mail with you, and all of the samples provided to us with in terms of photos have been a huge help for us. I look forward to continuing working with ACE. Thank you, again.

New York City

Just writing to let you know we received the belts and buckles. Thank you for everything they are well made.

CW2-US Army

They arrived today -- in plenty of time!! They are great.

Now , a problem. They are so great that I can imagine that more may needed by the general membership. Thanks.


I got the buckles the other day and they are fantastic! Thanks again for the great product and service, wonderful!

Newfoundland – Canada

We just got home from the car show, and I thought I'd let you that the buckles were a smash!! We only have one problem....We ran out, and now some members don't have a buckle. Would it be possible to re-order more?


I have received the buckle and I'm really happy, it's exactly what wanted !

I would like to say "thank you" to you and all the staff behind you who have realised it. Everybody are professional to start as the end. UPS give me it the 14 of May already. It's really a good job A to Z ! My Brother have seen it and he want one now....I have to think about for his birthday maybe...I'll contact you in this case....

Have a good day and continue to make your job as you did for me. Your are simply the BEST ;-)


I had contacted you a couple of months ago and connected you with Captain Chris ------ currently serving our country in Iraq for some custom buckles to be made. I recently made contact with him again to follow up and find out if the job had been completed. He immediately replied with full photos of the gorgeous buckle and the entire manufacturing process of them.

Thank you so very much for doing such a great job for them! We were really crossing our fingers everything would go well for these guys, and your company definitely did not let them down. You do magnificent work!

We are holding onto your name for any future jobs that may come our way.

It means a lot to us to be able to give something back to our soldiers and support them from *home*. It was an honor to have at least a small part to play in this. Those people are very happy right now and their morale has increased dramatically because of these buckles.


Hi, I just wanted to say our Fire Dept buckles look awesome. Everyone is very happy with them. I think while being very simple they are also unique to our area. Several departments around us have buckles of a similar design and they all look the same. In comparison, these resemble the other departments, but are unique to us. Also everyone agrees these look much better. If anyone asks us where we had ours made, I will be more than happy to give them your web site and email. Thank you.


Hello again, I just wanted to let you know that I received the buckles today. However they actually got here about a week or two ago. I have been in Kuwait training some new units on these large vehicles and just returned to Iraq today. I wanted to say thanks for all the help getting these produced.

My commander and the rest of the guys who have so far received theirs say that they look really good and are happy with them. Thanks for making it happen.

SSG, U.S. Army - Iraq

As a long time runner I am not very excited about medals for races but the medals you have done for us are outstanding!

The colours are bold, the weight and size are terrific and the initial response (besides mine) has been terrific.

Thank you,

Eric (Race Director)

  I want to tell you that I received the belt buckles for CAF last Friday and they are beautiful!

Great job!

On August 1st, I will place the order for medals and awards for the Chase the Sun Ultra and Relay.

Again, great job with the buckles!

Thank you so much!

  Just wanted to say, AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!

The medals look great!!!!

Thank You So Much for doing such an awesome job!

Also, just wondering, b/c we think we may get more athletes to sign up the day of the event than we thought... is it possible to order another small run of medals after the event?

Thank You Again so much for being s accommodating and great to work with!!!!

(BTW, yes, it is possible to order extra runs of medals or other products)

  Hi Gary,

We received the medals for the Egg Nog Jog.

There is one major problem.

They look so good that I have no idea how we are going to top them for next year.

They are awesome!


Georgetown Runners Egg Nog Jog


 I just received the key pendants. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the result! You guys have exceeded expectations and I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU from all of us at Extreme Dream Ministries.

As I had mentioned in a previous email, these key pendants will be sold on our current tour, as well as at our youth conferences this year (May/July/October) where we will be talking to 10's of thousands of students about changing their world with love. $2 from every key sold will go directly to 'Stop The Traffik' - an organization that works to help end human trafficking and slavery around the world.

The great work you have done on these keys has not only left you with a very satisfied customer, but it will also have a far and lasting, positive impact in the world.

  I just received the Bear Lake Medals! WOW! They look amazing!!

Thank you for doing such an amazing job on these. They look incredible and are wrapped and packaged so professionally. I will definitely be using your services again for our next event.
 Take care and thank you again!!!!

  • This customer wanted a very unique shape for their marathon medals, a design in the shape of a blues guitar.
  • This was for the inaugural Mississippi Blues Marathon and they wanted a unique look for the Marathon medal and then they wanted to cut the guitar in half for the half marathon.
  • Next year they are going to use transparent blue epoxy color fill in the guitar to set the design off even more.
  • From the runners comments you can see the benefits of doing a custom medal to set the tone
    for the event and to award finishers with something that is different and unique.
  • Over the years we have done race medals in the shape of snowmen, rabbits , toads, runners, running shoes, mountains, trails, trees, etc
  • Remember:  "If we can draw it then we can make it"


I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your work in getting the country's coolest medals ready for our race. Everyone went nuts over the medals and I had a lot of folks asking to buy them after the race. I'm including a link to some photos from the race, and you can see some of the feedback on

We look forward to working with you again next year ...

I would like to pass on my thanks to you all, the medals and ribbons are beautiful, they are BRILLIANT, OUTSTANDING I love them, you have gone beyond anything I could have wished for, I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and simply exceptional medals, and for putting up with my emails, but I so eager and excited to see them, they are beyond Brilliant.

I will be ordering again from you as your work is the best I have seen.

They are Wonderful.  (England)

Hi, Gary.

Just wanted to take a minute and let you know that the pins have arrived. They look wonderful and we are very pleased with your product and your service.  Thanks again so much for your help and also for the promptness in your response and shipping. We love the pins!!! Great job!!!!  (Arkansas)

Hi Gary,

Honestly....... we would like to save ourselves (and you) the trouble of hunting around for quotes again this year as we are very pleased with the quality and delivery and working with you. (From a customer that purchases many thousands of medals per year).


Again, thanks for your help and your professionalism.


Gary - I received the medals and lapel pins this morning and I just want to say that they are beautiful. I really appreciate the way that you worked so well with me in my crazy time-line to get these done. They are going to add such a wonderful personal touch to our tournament in honor of a special young lady we lost too soon.

Thanks again for your efficiency and professionalism. We will be in contact again next year, only earlier so we are not on such a tight deadline.


Dear Gary,

I can't thank you enough for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL job you did on the medals that I ordered. They are absolutely perfect and I am so looking forward to handing them out as our "Mary-thoners" finish their 26 weeks! I am hoping to do this again next year with even more "recruits" to our exercise program and I will contact you at that time for our 2012 order.

Thank you again! It is truly a pleasure to work with you and your company.

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