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Artwork Services

We offer a range of Design services to help make your product unique.
It helps us to get a sense of what you are hoping to achieve. But if all you can do is sort of explain it, that’s okay.
We always show you what your product will look like before we begin to make it. Our design previews are accurate. You always get your design previewed as an emailed image. No surprises.
Our Design services can be described in three levels.
1. Start to finish: When you want us to do everything.
- Tell us what you’re hoping to achieve and we’ll create a completely original design using instruction you provide. All you need to do is explain what you want – in words or as a sketch. We’ll do the rest.
2. A little help: When you want us to piece your design elements together.
- Provide us with graphics, logos, and any information you want on your product. We’ll pull it all together for you.
3. Do it yourself: When you have it already designed and want to jump into getting it made.
- Submit your own artwork. We’ll make sure it will look fantastic.
Here’s a few more tips, tricks, and recommendations to make things run smoothly.
What should I submit to help with my design?
- The simple answer is that we can work with almost anything you can possibly send us.
I don’t have a graphics background, and I can’t draw. Am I stuck?
- Nope. That’s what we’re here for! We are experienced designers.
I have something I want you to copy, replicate, or use as a reference.
- Great! Start by sending us a photo, and we can give you a quote.
I have my own artwork. What format should I send it in?
- Artwork submissions should be vector-based black and white artwork in digital format, we prefer RGB format.
What if the art I want to submit is not vector-based?
- Any other formats such as hard copies, grayscale and color scanned images (such as .jpgs) are not considered process-ready. Art charges will apply.
How can I prepare my vector art for the manufacturing process?
- Black represents raised areas. White represents recessed areas.
Which file types are preferred?
- Vector files (fonts outlined) preferably in .pdf format - in order of preference:
1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Coreldraw
3. Adobe Photoshop (scans should be at least 300 dpi) Ensure all text is converted to curves or outlines and scans are placed or sent along as separate files (as a .tiff for example).
Files should not exceed 7 mb.
Please zip or stuff large files whenever possible.

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