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About Us

Only real metal will make your design stand out from the crowd - after all, you are an individual.
At Ace Custom, we take your creative design - whether a sketch on a napkin or CAD drawing, and bring it to life.
We love to personalize products to reflect your creative vision. Of course, you choose the colors, fonts, shape, size - you name it.
Your custom design will look great in the club, campus, military unit, and the boardroom - your friends will be jealous!

Don't settle for boring products that everyone else has. Stand out from the crowd with unique designs that are tailor made to your specs.
We make the process easy and will walk you through each step. We have artists, we have experience of completing 1000's of orders, we have the factory relationships to take your dream and make it your way.
Send us your logo or sketch, we'll send you a computer rendering, do tweaks if needed, pay us moola, off to production, we ship to you. You look great! Easy process.
Looking for Inspiration to get those creative juices going?
You may get a spark by looking through some of our 1000's of previous projects
Maybe you would like to play for a bit with our Inspiration Panels - Start by choosing a theme below and we will show you some fonts, colors, shapes and styles that will work well together. It might just be all you need for that creative spark.
We love satisfied customers and we love designing cool products. Founded in 1996, our experienced team looks forward to creating your special project.
We provide Made in USA, Made in Canada, or Overseas products. We ship directly from the USA or Canada - your choice. No hassle with customs.

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